The Holy Mile

The Holy Mile

Date: 7th and 8th January 2023

An itinerary one mile long, to discover the treasures of the Rione Sanità.

Traveling the Holy Mile means crossing the Rione Sanità, where peoples to the south and east of Naples lived centuries ago, from Africans to Chineses, and where popes, kings and cardinals once rode by carriage. A place where today the churches are not just art galleries, but houses of welcome, peace and design.

Every Saturday, Sunday and holidays, starting at 9:00 from the entrance to the Catacombs of Naples, in Via Capodimonte 13 (entrance adjacent to the Basilica del Buon Consiglio).

The itinerary to discover the beauties of the Rione Sanità scheduled for 7 and 8 January at 9:00.

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